Hostgator Uptime

The HostGator reliability commitment is backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. For example, the HostGator Uptime independent report for 2010 confirmed this amazing level of reliability at 99.98%! Only two months in 2010 had any downtime at all.

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Linux Servers
In order to meet the strict standards of the HostGator Uptime guarantee, Hostgator uses Linux based servers, considered the most reliable in the industry. HostGator uptime is constantly monitored to maintain the highest level of performance. Server facilities also have top notch security and surveillance, so you can trust that your data and website are safe from physical and server attacks.

Spam Detection
Advanced spam detection further protects your email and data from spam and attacks. Sophisticated technology is used to evenly distribute CPU and RAM use between servers for fast server response. In 2010 server response times averaged at 0.3 seconds. As the HostGator team is constantly improving. Customers might expect to see response times under 0.2 seconds by 2012 with absolutely no unscheduled downtime. Forums are available through the Support Panel with general announcements as well as network status messages that could alert users to scheduled maintenance and downtime.